Western  Montana Restaurant Critiques and Essays about Food and Dining.

It didn’t start as this – a site which provides criticism of experiences of eating at Missoula restaurants. It started by  enjoying going out. But after too many disappointments, and noticing that what has been causing the disappointments just shouldn’t be, the Missoula Critic showed up.

This is not another review site. Reviews mostly just provide a hodge-podge of  one-time experience, and often the reviews are bogus and change nothing. And reviews are lazy.  Good criticism is different. Critiques offers pointed ideas on how to improve, going beyond the one-time impressions. The Missoula Critic wants Missoula restaurants to improve. The Missoula Critic wants going out in Missoula to become consistently enjoyable again.

  •  The Missoula Critic goes out a lot.
  • The Missoula Critic only posts criticisms about restaurants after having visited them several times. Usually at least half a dozen times over the course of several months.
  • The Missoula Critic does not receive any sort of payment for these posts.
  • Some critiques will be enthusiastically favorable, while others will be dominated by disappointment.
  • Nothing here is libelous, and ultimately everything posted here is the first hand experience and opinion of the Missoula Critic.
  • Comments, rebuttals and other explanations and opinions are encouraged, especially by restaurant owners.  Click here or on the Contact menu choice above.
  •  Restaurants which are thriving do so for good reasons. These critiques and essays can help identify those reasons.  I hope the Missoula restaurant and business owners read these critiques and essays and try to improve their businesses.

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